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2 Day Artistic Anatomy Master  Class- February 2nd -3rd, 2015
with Decorus Instructor/Artist  James Xavier Barbour
location: (Williamsburg) Brooklyn, NY

Decorus Atelier has always believed that developing a stronger understanding of artistic anatomy   can help any artist,  in any field to improve their artistic skills when working from life or imagination and to heighten the descriptive realism within their work.  It is fundamental to achieving a more convincing illusion of  three dimensionality.  


On February 2nd -3rd, 2015 Head instructor and Decorus Atelier, founder James Xavier Barbour will be presenting a two-day Artistic Anatomy Masterclass from  6:30pm-9:30pm  each day in our Williamsburg location in Brooklyn, NY  and every attendee will leave this workshop packed full of new anatomy knowledge. Bring your drawing paper and pencils because the workshop will also feature a figure drawing model posing for additional study as well.



If you are interested in signing up for this exciting 2-day workshop contact :




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