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Decorus Atelier of Figurative Art is committed to offering students a solid foundation in classical methods of drawing, painting, and sculpture though a rigorous schedule of traditional training.  Students training  at Decorus will follow in the traditions of the great masters of art, and concentrate on developing strong  technical skill and control. They will learn how to infuse their work with a sense of narrative, and  critical thinking essential to fine art and figurative realism today.  


Our instructors are dedicated to creating better artistic construction and change in an atmosphere where artists can learn how to fuse technique, and  figurative anatomy  with an interwoven sense of narrative content,  the eternal or universal,  and philosophy.   We are dedicated to transforming our students and to building the strongest artists possible. 


Following the Classical Atelier method of training, students work through cast drawing, cast painting, figure drawing, and figure painting.  Students at Decorus Atelier will find a dedication to the study of figurative anatomy,  alla prima painting and indirect method painting in the tradition of the old masters.


Students are welcome to attend part time or full time. We work with each student to find the right balance and design a suitable course of study tailored to their individual needs.  The Full Time program typically takes 4-6 total semesters of study (2-3 years) to complete the entire program depending on the dedication of the individual student.  Students will work through a series of projects at their own pace in a friendly, supportive atmosphere mastering skills to build a solid foundation for creating highly realistic drawings and paintings.



Courses are offered throughout the year by various instructors in Figurative painting, drawing,sculpture, ecorche, anatomy, still life, perspective, plain air landscape, urban and architectural drawing and painting, cast drawing, painting,  narrative thinking and philosophy.   Master workshops, and open figure drawing/painting sessions are offered regularly.






For additional information or to make an appointment please contact:

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