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Now accepting student enrollment for


“Cast Drawing and The Development of Accuracy ”


 with Instructor James Xavier Barbour





















In this class we will focus on cast drawing and many of the fundamental skills necessary for an artist to achieve an  illusion of

reality in his or her work . 


Students will begin with  a  basic  “block-in” construction which helps to build proper accuracy in tilt, comparing important visual alignments, shape, proportion and gesture. Discussion and development of various drawing techniques are an integral part of achieving a strong comparison to the subject matter and form an important part of the learning process. Modeling the three dimensional form follows next, as we learn how to better depict form convincingly/ realistically on a two dimensional surface. Students are trained to see the effects of light upon the form, and its many values truthfully.


Common problems that develop during the course of building an accurate  representation of form in drawing are discussed.  Generous instructor advice is provided to each student in order to stop the struggles so many artists feel when trying to translate visual information accurately to their work.


The class will include lectures and demonstrations by the teacher as well as one-on -one critiques with students. Time will also be spent discussing the capabilities of materials and technique as well as some helpful ways to set yourself up for success


cost is $280 for one month 




This class lasts 3 hrs a day and is ongoing monthly, and with flexible times throughout the week to better serve

a variety of schedules





For additional information or to enroll

please contact :








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