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Now accepting student enrollment for


“Mastering the Model in Motion"

Long Pose Advanced Figure Drawing


with Instructor Christopher Winter Pugliese


































Mastering the Model in Motion


Ultimately, figure drawing is the process of distilling the magic of life in motion into a still and static image.


A process of extracting the essence of the infinite and making it finite without losing the sense of magic and wonder. There are many ways of doing this.  Instructor Christopher Pugliese teaches a method of exploring gesture through an approach that allows the student to gain a rich understanding of modeling complex muscular structures in a long pose format without losing the energy of the model in motion.


This class will allow the students to explore the same exact pose of the model entirely over a two month period of time and to learn how to create a much more advanced and detailed figure drawing.  Come learn classical techniques for drawing the figure and modeling form with an optical and conceptual understanding.



This class meets each Thursday between 6:30pm-9:30pm


cost is $ 500 for two months or $300 for one month

Space is limited to 15  students only -Enroll today to ensure your spot



For additional information or to enroll

please contact :


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