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Narrative Painting and Drawing




Decorus Instructor, James Xavier Barbour

and Decorus Instructor, Lauren Caldarola



In this class students will focus better understanding how to render the figure in both painting and drawing , and how to expand the narrative potential of the work being created. Symbolism and Iconography will be discussed and students will work on developing one narrative painting or drawing that develops from a strong initial concept to a highly finished result. Students will learn how to create a more powerful, and united  body of work in order to formulate their own unique artistic vision. 


Work will be done from both imagination and from model. Students in this class will also visit the art museum in order to break down  the compositions and concepts of famous works throughout history in an effort to access a better understanding of how the various elements of a composition create a successful whole.  



This ongoing class will meet every Saturday


cost is $500 for two months or $250  for one month

space is limited to 10-15 students only


reserve your place in this exciting class now!


For more information please contact


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