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Shadow Box Still Life Painting  


Decorus Atelier Instructor Matt Weigle

















In this class students will focus on a still life painting under a controlled light source. The process is divided into 5 steps for a more clear understanding of how a painting is organized from start to finish. Investigating each stage adds to a greater understanding of the entire whole. The painting methods taught can be applied to a variety of different painting styles and subject matter. The studio set-up and good working habits will also be discussed.


Step 1. -Set up -Composition - Lighting - Good working habits

Step 2. - Line Drawing on paper - Define contours - Terminator edges

Step 3. - Transfer Drawing ( Oil or Graphite Transfer) - Poster Studies- Grisaille & Color

Step 4. - Begin Painting - Underpainting Techniques - Ebauche or 1st Layer of Paint

Step 5. - Painting Methods/ Finishing Techniques - Window Shading - Glazing - Troubleshooting




This ongoing class will meet twice a week every Monday and Thursday starting  between  6:30-9:30pm

Start Date to be announced


cost is  $500 for two months or $300 for one month

space is limited to 10-15 students only

reserve your place in this exciting class now!



For more information please contact


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