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Now accepting student enrollment for

“Portrait Painting and Drawing”

with Instructor Leeanna Chipana














Portrait Painting & Drawing Course



This course is designed for artists who would like to understand how to paint the portrait both quickly and accurately.



-On the first class day,  students will begin with 20 minute paint sketches of the portrait model. During the quick sketches students will learn to ascertain the overall value, color and plane shifts quickly. On the second class day,  students will begin a one day direct alla prima portrait painting. 


Students will create several one-day portrait paintings first before moving onto a final long pose.  At this point in the course students will be prepared for many of the challenges that arise in a longer pose.  Beginner students will be encouraged to start paintings using a closed grisaille before moving on to color.   By utilizing concepts such as mass, along with linear and structural thinking students will learn many valuable concepts needed to understand how to create accurate and believable portraits..




Class meets every Tuesday  for two months

from 6:30pm-9:30pm


cost is $ 500 for two months  or $300 for one month

Space is limited to 15  students only  -Enroll today to ensure your spot


For additional information or to enroll

please contact :



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